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Facts That Everyone Needs to Know About Sunglasses

  • Tinted lenses dilate our pupils, and not all sunglasses filter-out damaging UVA and UVB radiation from the sun.

  • A child’s pupils are larger than an adult’s, so more of the damaging UV radiation passes through to their retina.

  • Wearing sunglasses that don’t protect properly can do more harm than not wearing any protection at all!

  • For proper protection, lenses must block at least 60% of UVA and 70% of UVB radiation.

  • Anti-glare treatment provides clearer vision, and protects the skin around our eyes from reflective burn.

  • Polarized isn’t always the better option; one polarized pair plus one non polarized pair may be needed.

  • Lens color makes a difference…specific activities are more likely to be enjoyed/performed when choosing grey, bronze, rose, or green

  • Frame durability, impact tested lenses, and warranty are what separate “premium” from “bargain” sunglasses.

  • Comfort and fit matters. If too loose, sunglasses slide down too easily; if too tight, headaches can be caused.