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Why Our Patients Choose Legacy Eyecare

In 2006, our new state-of-the art start-up optometry practice was opened with zero patients. The West Omaha location was less than three miles from six other Optometry offices. Even with that much competition, we still believed that West Omaha residents would choose Legacy Eyecare when they discovered the genuine feel-good experience that our staff and doctors deliver every day.

We’re in our 10th year now, and our amazing new facility offers every patient more than we were able to offer back where it all began.

Our patients tell us they “feel at home,” during their appointments!

When people enter our practice, we like to imagine that they are wearing a sign which reads, “Make me feel special,” and that becomes the mission of every staff member.

Patients can feel-good about their Legacy Eyecare experience, partly because they are receiving the very best of these three eye care ingredients:

  • education about taking care of their eyes

  • exam technology

  • value for top quality eye wear

Is your family looking for a special way to meet all of their eye care needs? It would be our pleasure to welcome you to our Legacy Eyecare family!

During our first 10 years, we’ve noticed several priorities that a majority of our loyal patients share:

  • active involvement in their personal health

  • desire to protect their precious gift of sight

  • belief in exam technology that delivers a glimpse into their overall health

  • interest in the advantages of superior lens technology

  • appreciation for durable, fashionable frames that set them apart from the masses

  • resolve to act on doctor recommendations for enjoying the best vision possible

If this sort of doctor/patient relationship-building is something that works for you and your family, then we invite you to contact us and make your first annual exam appointment today!