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We Want Your Patient Experience to Be the Best Ever!

Each Legacy Eyecare optometrist wants you and every member of your family to receive the best eye care services and products to correct and protect your precious gift of sight!

When you visit our Practice, you will experience our staff’s unmatched commitment to teaching what matters most concerning eye health for you and your family members.

During your visit, our doctors will be prescribing the following trusted preventative eye care measures:

  • SUNGLASSES…Over-exposure to the sun’s Ultra Violet radiation and Blue Light is a documented health threat, so we want all of our patients to wear either non-prescription, or prescription sunglasses with the necessary levels of UVA, UVB, and HEV protection when outdoors.

  • PROTECT CHILDREN…Youngsters are particularly vulnerable to the sun’s radiation and parents can help them avoid serious eye diseases later in life by teaching them to wear UVA and UVB protective sunglasses at an early age.

  • INDOOR BLUE LIGHT PROTECTION…Screens of PCs, iPads/tablets, smart phones and other electronic devices do cause exposure to harmful wavelengths of Blue Light. We want our adult and pediatric patients to wear glasses with a protective lens treatment when using electronic devices for more than 2 hours daily.

  • MULTI-PAIR, NOT MULTI-PURPOSE…With the superior quality of lenses today, one “all purpose” pair of glasses is no longer the way to experience the best vision possible. We believe that our patients benefit greatly from wearing specialty sets of glasses: an every-day set, a computer set, and an outdoor set.

  • BACK-UP AND RELIEF GLASSES…In case of breakage, everyone wearing prescription glasses needs a back-up set with matching prescription. Contact lens wearers need a relief set of prescription glasses to give their eyes weekly relief from the side effects of prolonged use of contacts.

  • UPDATE YOUR LENSES…Even a minor prescription change can have a dramatic effect on the visual system, so a lens update is prescribed to keep the eyes from straining to accommodate.

  • UPDATE YOUR FRAMES…If frames are two or more years old, they should be replaced when new lenses are prescribed. When there is good lens/frame compatibility, you won’t have to worry about breakage and voiding of warranty.

  • CARECREDIT…We encourage our patients to apply for a CareCredit card because we believe that balancing family health and the family budget is super important! CareCredit is a great way to get the vision care and the eye wear they want when they want it while taking advantage of deferred interest financing.