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What’s In Your Multi-pair Combo?

My first episode in this blog series on multi-pair vs. multi-purpose, mentions that our patients answer a set of lifestyle questions prior to their exam. Our patients locate this questionnaire on our website and it takes them just 2–3 minutes to print and complete.

When a patient is willing to take time from their busy schedule to provide their lifestyle information to us, it is greatly appreciated because it helps us to deliver a smooth, productive exam day experience for them.

Accurate lifestyle information allows our doctors to pin-point and prescribe individualized eye wear combinations for the best vision protection and enjoyment.

Everyone admits that their versatile lifestyles include the need to change clothes and shoes multiple times each day. Yet, there is a reluctance to include eye wear changes, even though their daily routines involve shifting between work, fashion, sports, sunlight, night-time and so on!

Here’s the thing — the need for vision protection is common to us all, but that’s where commonness ends and our individuality begins!

No two people have identical interests, tastes, attitudes, insurance, and budgets. Our staff respects these differences and works very hard to help each individual patient and customer to bring these puzzle pieces together when it’s time for important eye wear purchasing decisions!

It’s frustrating for us and for our patients when they start out wanting to buy multiple-pairs for enjoying the best vision possible, but stop short when the out-of-pocket cost tops what they feel the quality of their vision is worth.

My optometry practice has been providing top quality eye wear for over 10 years now, and we’ve learned that “perceived value” controls high-dollar purchase decisions — that’s for sure!

Enjoying and protecting the best possible vision all day long, all year long, is a 365 day value — not a purchase day only value! The multi-pair approach is an incredible bargain, when the out-of-pocket payment is divided by 365, especially with deferred interest financing for 12 months that’s available through a CareCredit card!

Consider the patient who buys three pair of $600 individualized-to-their-lifestyle glasses — $1800 spread over 365 value giving days is the daily dollar value equivalent of my Starbucks double espresso with two shots of chocolate!

Like all professional eye care offices, we regularly hear questions about prices, such as:

  • Why should I pay more than the 3-pair for $99 that “blank-blank optical” advertises on TV?

  • I’ve heard that lenses are pretty much all the same, so why do these cost more?

  • All of this eye stuff costs less if I buy it online, right?

We’re not discouraged by patients wanting to shop and compare. We give them a check sheet for keeping the comparison “Apples-to-Apples.” The devil truly hides in the details, so we help them to learn exactly what they are getting when sales people say those tempting words, “we can get you the same thing and save you money.” For instance, they need to avoid lens materials of lesser quality and inferior design; check frame durability and long-wear comfort; verify return/exchange policy in case a low-price purchase becomes a disappointment.