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Multi-purpose or Multi-pair…inquiring minds want to know!

When our Legacy Eyecare doctors consult with patients about improving their vision in all aspects of their lives, the popular notion that “less is more” definitely does NOT apply! That’s because all people fall into one of two categories: those of us who already need vision correction, and those of us who will eventually need vision correction. The common need that we all share, is the need to protect our vision.

If a sales person says to you, “this pair of glasses should meet all of your vision needs,” don’t believe it!

Think of the variety of daily tasks and activities that your eyes help with: computer and smart phone use, TV watching, outdoor and indoor sports, reading, looking at the night sky, daytime driving in heavy traffic, woodworking hobby, grocery shopping, lawn mowing and gardening, formal events, and so on.

Devices which correct and protect our vision are as much a part of our wardrobe as are clothes and shoes — one outfit or one pair of shoes isn’t enough to fit the many activities that we tend to pack into a typical day.

We inform every patient that soon, three-million Americans will be diagnosed every year with partial or complete blindness from macular degeneration. And still, many choose to ignore our prescriptions to protect their eyes from the damage that too much exposure to sunlight and electronic devices can cause.

The average person needs three pairs of eye wear to meet their daily needs.

Most people think that because they don’t have a prescription they don’t need protection such as computer or task lenses…that’s a big mistake!

No Multi-purpose pair of glasses can serve well in all settings. Consider each aspect of your regular daily routine and imagine how a specialized pair of glasses and/or contact lenses crafted to that activity could improve your safety, comfort, and style.

My dad uses three pair of glasses to get through his daily routine. His every-day prescription pair with progressive digital lenses for distance, mid-range and near vision plus anti-glare treatment for night driving.

His office/computer pair with blue light protection treatment lenses and an enlarged corridor for near vision, so he can see every inch of his three computer screens with crystal clarity. His sun pair with UV and blue light protection lenses plus front and backside anti-glare treatment for driving in sunlight and for all outdoor activities.

In my practice, we ask a lot of questions during the eye exams because we want to get to know the parts of your life that are impacted by the quality of your vision. Next time you wonder why our staff asks so many questions during your visit, it’s because we are making an extra effort to learn how we can work together with you to identify the multi-pair combination which will bring the best vision quality to your individual style of life.