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So…How Are Your Eyes Doing?

Most of us assume this is a question for our eye doctor to answer. After all, isn’t that why we are supposed to make annual eye exam appointments?

Scheduling a complete eye exam every year is wise! And, every one of us needs to become more aware of “how our eyes are doing.” Our eye doctor can’t be the only one who is watching over the health of our eyes.

These simple questions and answers may help you to realize some of the messages that your eyes may be sending to you about “how they are doing.”

Q. Are you taking your glasses off to read something?

A. This is your eyes way of saying things have changed and more help is needed from your glasses. It’s a bit like saying goodbye to your favorite shirt, or pair of shoes…you just know it’s time for a change.

Q. Do you ever rub your eyes after prolonged computer use?

A. It’s because your eyes are getting fatigued from staring at the harmful blue light that all electronics emit. We’ve all seen the person who fell asleep while tanning — OUCH! Don’t do this to your eyes.

Q. Noticing a little redness and maybe slight itching with your contact lenses?

A. Your eyes may not be getting enough relief from the vision correcting hunk of plastic that you are regularly sticking in your eyes. If you aren’t already using dailies, try switching to them and make sure to wear your glasses several hours every week to give your eyes some periodic relief from the contacts.

Q. Squinting a lot while driving?

A. This is light induced glare at its best which causes those “Where did that come from” moments while in traffic. Polarized sunglasses do make a difference!

Q. Are you tired of not seeing great when participating in, or watching your favorite sport? Did you see where the ball went? Which player just caught that pass?

A. The color of your sunglasses lens makes a difference.

These questions and answers reveal just a few specific reasons to visit your Optometrist every year, so he or she can prescribe the best solutions for your vision needs.

"Your eyes are sending significant health messages to you, and it’s not wise to ignore them!" Dr. Jeff Brewer