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Does Your Eyewear Wardrobe Include Contacts & Relief Glasses?

Countless times our patients have expressed how life changing it is to be able to wear contacts! After switching from glasses to contact lenses, they experience greater visual sharpness, improved peripheral vision, and better comfort. In order to maintain long-term healthy contact wear, there is one commonly overlooked tool that all contact lens wearers need — glasses!

While contact lenses are now made from very comfortable and safe materials and are available in options that fit almost any lifestyle, every eye benefits from rest. Just as our bodies need rest to heal and recuperate, our eyes do as well.

A contact lens is a foreign object in your eye that is designed to give you good vision. But any foreign object in the eye eventually places the health of the eye at risk. The easiest way to avoid this risk is to give your eyes a break daily and weekly by wearing your glasses.

Daily - You should remove your contacts to begin the process. If your work day is done and you don’t need your contacts for your home life, we recommend taking them out to give your eyes an extra couple hours of rest. If you don’t need to wear them up until bedtime then don’t.

Weekly - We recommend a minimum of one full day out of your contacts, however, two or three days is best for long-term eye health.

Eyes are amazing. Since they are constantly bathed in tear fluid, eyes have rapid healing properties. However, healing can’t start until you remove your contacts.

We prescribe to all of our contact lens patients that they have a least one pair of glasses with the latest prescription. Old glasses with an out-of-date prescription won’t give you sharp vision, so you are less likely to wear them and your eyes won’t get the relief that is needed to remain healthy.

Also, make sure you like the look of your glasses. If you don’t like how you look in your glasses, you won’t wear them. Ask your eye wear stylist to make sure that your glasses are fitted correctly, so they are comfortable when you are wearing them.

We want you to be able to enjoy contact lenses for many years to come, and voluntarily wearing your glasses will help make this possible!