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Why Dailies are the Best Contact Lens Option for Most Patients

Wearing contact lenses has become much safer since the introduction of disposable contacts. Still, patients can run into problems with the longer-wear options by forgetting to remove them before going to bed or continuing to wear them past the prescribed time limit!

As Optometrists who prescribe disposable contact lenses, we cannot emphasize enough to our patients how important it is to dispose of their contacts as prescribed.

Just last year, an Internet study was done with 1,000 contact lens wearers responding. Only 42% of those wearing disposables were complying with the prescribed duration of use and the remainder were self-identified as non-compliant. The main reason given for non-compliant use was, “no harm in extending the duration of use”*

Since we have already established that corneal ulcers, infections, and eyelid irritations can result from wearing contacts longer than prescribed, let’s simply say that the less there is to remember about wearing and removing contact lenses, the better!

Daily Disposable contact lenses are the safest — period. Dailies are true “one-and-done” wear. Use these lenses for one day, then throw them away. There is no need to work with disinfection solutions or to track how long the contact lens has been used.

Two factors make daily disposables the best: health and convenience. Our patients can maintain the best health, comfort and vision they have ever experienced! They don’t suffer from solution sensitivity, which is common with monthly lenses. Patients can maintain the same level of comfort every day because the lens is fresh every day! And patients love the convenience of not needing to buy solutions or cases, and not having to keep a calendar of when to dispose of the old and put in the new.

Daily contacts are available for every type of vision: near sighted, far sighted, astigmatism, bifocal, and tinted.