Are Frames and Lenses Too Expensive?

In this third episode of my blog series on multi-pair vs. multi-purpose, I’ll share an abbreviated version of a great article by Robert Bell from a recent Invision Magazine issue. Robert tells a true story of a plane flight when seated next to a gentleman asking what line of work he’s in. When Robert responds “the eye care business,” the seat mate demands “why are eyeglasses so expensive?” Instead of giving boring details on design and fabrication etc. Robert asks these questions: How long ago did you buy these? Answer — 2 years ago. How much did you pay for them? Answer — $175. And you think $175 2 years ago was too expensive? Answer — Absolutely! Robert pulls out $500 from his wallet and s

What’s In Your Multi-pair Combo?

My first episode in this blog series on multi-pair vs. multi-purpose, mentions that our patients answer a set of lifestyle questions prior to their exam. Our patients locate this questionnaire on our website and it takes them just 2–3 minutes to print and complete. When a patient is willing to take time from their busy schedule to provide their lifestyle information to us, it is greatly appreciated because it helps us to deliver a smooth, productive exam day experience for them. Accurate lifestyle information allows our doctors to pin-point and prescribe individualized eye wear combinations for the best vision protection and enjoyment. Everyone admits that their versatile lifestyles include

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